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Apr. 7.

Mach-Tech 10-13 May 2022

This year - after 2 years - there will be Mach-Tech again! We also participate at this exhibition and we're preparing for it very excitedly, since in the last period we had very less personal contact, so this event will be a great opportunity for this.

Feb. 18.

25 years in the world of machine-tools

Once upon a time... we can began this strory like this, since this story like a "fairytale". Namely there were 4 men, who were in the right place at the right time to start theri journey and found a company. Actually they met some difficulties during their "journey": market-challanges, economic crisis [...]

Dec. 21.

Holiday Closure

Our office will be closed from 23rd of December till 2nd of January 2022. First work-day is: 3rd of January 2022. /Monday/

Apr. 1.

New Models at M+E Stand - Mach-Tech 2019

From 14th to 17th of May will be held the Mach-tech Exhibition, where M+E will be waiting for the Visitors on a nearly 240 sqm stand with 8 machine tools, additional and brand new products at the „A” pavilion on 211A stand.

Mar. 7.

One of our largest project in our life

….and we mean it word by word: one of the largest double coloumn machine has arrived: a 7-meter long, 80 ton weight Hartford 736 EAY model! Actually it’s not just arrived it has been bought by 5 trucks, 3 of them were oversized.


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