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Speed and quality in the mass production of light alloy parts


Speed and quality in the mass production of light alloy parts

Brother is perhaps the most dynamically developing machine tool manufacturer in Japan.

The branch of the company has been established for the production of parts of sewing machines. In 1985, the firm entered the market of machine tool industry with its machining centers, which was accepted very favorably by the customers, due to their compact dimension, very high productivity, the environmental-friendly design, and became popular in the automotive production and in the IT sector.

In 2013 the new generation Speedio models hit the market and they were suitable for machining larger workpieces, so more and more markets opened up for Brother.

Currently it is certain that Brother is the manufacturer of the quickest machines for the mass production of light alloy parts. They are responding quickly and in a flexible way to the requests of their customer due to their excellence in product support.

Brother Speedio English website


      Brother products offer solutions for:

      • mass and single production of light alloy metal and steel parts
      • production of parts for the automotive industry
      • automatic mass production of parts
      • turning of complex parts and 5 face machining
      • mounted robotic feeding system (Feedio)

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