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"To become a highly competitive steering system supplier in Japan."

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To realize this dream, JTEKT was established in 2006 through the merger of Koyo Seiko and Toyoda Machine Tools. JTEKT has continued to grow, with its bearing business under the Koyo brand and its machine tool brand under the TOYODA name. In response to the increasing sophistication and diversification of society's needs, such as the realization of a decarbonized society, the automation of production equipment, and the electrification of automobiles, which have been a hot topic recently, as well as external environmental issues such as the new coronavirus infection and stagnation in the supply of semiconductors. In the midst of this, the company began searching for ways to achieve further sustainable growth. This is the start of "JTEKT Reborn."
Activities are wide-ranging, including the transfer of head office functions and head office registration to Kariya City, the gear business that has removed business walls, the launch of an aftermarket business headquarters, and the start of cross-sales activities. In anticipation of future growth, we established a DX Promotion Office and a Carbon Neutral Strategy Office.
Meanwhile, the unification of the brand from April 2022 has begun as a final step for JTEKT Reborn. The brands that previously had Koyo, TOYODA, and JTEKT for each business have been unified to JTEKT. This is an expression of our determination to transcend the boundaries of brands and work together as a team to contribute to all customers. By realizing this synergy, we will strengthen the JTEKT brand as a global company and build a new foundation for new business development that goes beyond steering.
Toward a prosperous society, the earth, and a better future, we are No.1 & Only One, working as One Team. There is no end to what people create and produce. JTEKT's passion continues.

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    • production of parts for the automotive industry
    • mass and single production of light alloy metal and steel parts
    • suitable for the production of small, medium and large parts
    • outside and inside gear cutting of parts
    • cylindrical grinding of parts
    • CAM cylindrical grinding (cam shaft)

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